At Extreme Powder Coating we are equipped to coat very large sizes of steel. We have coated hundreds of large gazebos and shelters in the U.S. and around the world. You are viewing the largest project Extreme Powder Coating has ever encountered. This job weighed in at over 100,000 lbs of steel, and beams stretched out over 34 feet long. These beams were coated for a very special project, Nunleys Carousel, sponsored by Billy Joel, recording artist.

Here is an example of a shelter we have coated in Evergreen. At Extreme Powder Coating we are very happy to coat large sizes of steel. We prefer it! If your project is a challenge, we have solutions to make sure you get the most out of your product.

Heavy Equipment Industry

Heavy Equipment Industry

Extreme also powder coats large tillage equipment for world wide use. Agriculture equipment is among one of our specialties. We know the specific process to coat durable parts. From our shop to the fields, Extreme Powder Coating can give you a long lasting finish.

Fabrication and Manufacturing Industry

Fabrication and Manufacturing Industry

Extreme Powder Coating has based a solid reputation on working efficiently with many fabricators in SE Minnesota. From the bid process to meeting deadlines, we can help you get the job and get the job done right!



Karl Kirschbaum

Shryock Racing Components

"I can count on Extreme Powder Coating to deliver a high-quality product. They are fast, reliable and have excellent customer service."