Every superior coating starts with the proper prep work



Without proper preparation, getting a flawless finish is virtually impossible. At Extreme Powder Coating, we take the time to prep your items by sandblasting them to remove dirt, grease, old paint and other contaminants.

We're capable of sandblasting pieces up to 35' long, leaving them clean, smooth and ready to receive a powder coat finish. Blasting a part, whether it is new steel or corroded metal, provides the perfect substrate for a powder coat application.

Blasting increases adhesion and promotes bonding the powder coat to your item.

Blast Media

  • · 80 Steel Grit
  • · 60/140 Crushed Glass

Clemco Self Reclaiming 35' x 15' x 10' Media Blasting System

For small and delicate items that require blasting we have a small cabinet blaster to effectively prep those parts


In Blooming Prairie, Minneapolis & Mankato, MN

Sandblasting is the best way to prepare a part for powder coating or liquid finishes. Sandblasting powers away dirt, grease, rust, old paint, or any other element that may contaminate the part being coated. Sandblasting uses air pressure and millions of tiny particles to blast away any contaminants that could affect the powder coating process.

At Extreme Powder Coating we can meet your sandblasting needs FAST.

•Capable of blasting parts up to 40' long
•Steel shot
•Crushed glass
•Glass bead
•80 grit silica sand
•120 grit silica sand
•120 grit aluminum oxide



Karl Kirschbaum

Shryock Racing Components

"I can count on Extreme Powder Coating to deliver a high-quality product. They are fast, reliable and have excellent customer service."