Powder Coating

Extreme Powder Coating is the metal finisher of choice. Why choose powder coating? Maximum durability. Powder coating offers a scientific process that uses heat to bake the colorful coating over any metal object for a professional finish that results in superior performance.

Our capacity is nothing short of large.

We house a 32' oven. If that's not long enough, we can extend up to 42'.

Opening: 8' x 13' Ft.

Our shop hosts a manual trolley line system that runs through our 3-stage iron-phosphate and corrosion sealer chemical pretreatment automated washer.

We have a variety of batching options to suit a variety of different parts in the most efficient way

Once your part has been properly prepped it is ready to receive powder coating. There are several different applications to suit a wide variety part specifications.

*Epoxy Primers *Zinc Primers *Outgas Forgiving Primers *TGIC Topcoats *Super Durable Topcoats *Protective Clears * Textures

We also have a difference in quality-ranging from the standard, to the Extreme Finish. Standard: 2 Stage Pre-treatment Wash and Single Top-Coat Application

The Extreme Finish: Media blast, 3-Stage Pre-treatment Wash, Prime and Top-Coat Application The choice is up to you - but we recommend the Extreme Finish to get the best performance and longevity out of your investment.



Karl Kirschbaum

Shryock Racing Components

"I can count on Extreme Powder Coating to deliver a high-quality product. They are fast, reliable and have excellent customer service."